Thursday, August 5, 2010

I have how many students?

This was my response to the fact my combined rosters show a total of 183 students in my 6 classes that I teach.  I thought 115 last year was a bit much!

On the positive side, I have a classroom this year and I will no longer have to roam.  I can greet the students as they come into the room and I also already have my things set up, so I don't have to scurry around digging for things out of my briefcase.

I have reflected on goals I want to accomplish.  The list is incomplete, but here are a few in no particular order.
1. Give periodic homework quizzes instead of grading every homework assignment.
2. Incorporate more web-based content into the class.
3. Use newspaper articles as a springboard for math discussions
4. Primarily use the Interwrite pad, projector and Geometer's Sketchpad rather than just writing on the whiteboard.

I am really looking forward to Year 2.