Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brand New Year

Well, the summer flew by and I am staring my 2nd year of teaching in the face.  I lucked into teaching second semester Geometry during Summer School, so I hope that helps to ease me back into the Fall semester.

It will be good to occupy my mind again.  Sometimes work can be a welcome distraction to the reality that is our life.

I have reflected on my assessment system I adopted last Spring and I have decided to go back to a more traditional style of testing.  I worked about five times as hard as any of my students and they did not take advantage of the system like I thought they would.  I still had students give up, even though they could still bring their semester grade up as late as the last week of school.  Once again, the students who scored well on the old system scored well on the new system.  Students that performed poorly in the traditional system still gave up with the new one.

I was looking forward to teaching Algebra I and Algebra II this year until my Department Head informed me on the last day that my Algebra II classes were replaced with Geometry classes.  I was devastated at first, but my summer school class helped me to see Geometry in a better light.

So, it's one more day of vacation and then the teacher work days start on Monday.