Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Semester in Review

Top Ten Things I have learned from my first semester.......

  1. According to some of my students, simply showing up to a class and never using pencil and paper should count for at least a C.
  2. If you give your students a practice test that is almost identical to the real test, they will still find a way to fail the test.
  3. It is perfectly acceptable for a student in 4th period to walk into your 6th period class and expect you to drop whatever it is you are doing to talk to her about any missing assignments she might have.
  4. You will have students transfer into your class that other teachers do not want to deal with.
  5. When you tell your students to turn in half credit corrections on a test, it is perfectly logical for them to determine they are happy with the 24 they received and that it is just too much work to bring it up to a 62.
  6. The more work you give your students, the more papers you end up grading.
  7. I love the free doughnuts on Fridays.
  8. There is always something going on to keep you from having 5 uninterrupted days of teaching in a row.
  9. It is amazing the effort students will expend to attempt to get out of doing their assignments.
  10. Algebra I teachers should never be allowed to give multiple choice tests.

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